About Us


“Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind every successful trip there is hard work of months.”

We are all known to the struggles related to planning a trip. YourTravelSecretary was conceived three years ago with an idea to overcome these struggles and cut off the hard work of months into minutes providing smooth concierge travel solutions both for private and corporate.

How a Usual Trip is planned?

We call up a bunch of friends on New Year, make a Whatsapp group, decide destination and contact a tour operator. Then tour operator discusses the things, changes our minds, in between few friends leave the group, there are numerous follow ups & budget issues, and finally a trip is done in April. Boooom!!!

How YourTravelSecretary Plans a Trip?

Just decide with whom you want to go and leave the rest on YourTravelsecretary. We charge only ten minutes from your schedule to know your interests and then serve the hottest holiday plans.

We are a small team of vagabonds who love to discuss the destinations over a cup of coffee or over a drive from your home to office. So, accomplishing you bucket list is no longer a dream for the nomads like you. We discuss the minutest interests of yours so that you may get the best out of your personalized itineraries. Not only the itineraries you are served but also the pre-booking of hotels and transportation services (air & non-air).

Story of Genesis

YourTravelSecretary is a young and an ardent travel planner headquartered at Gurgaon, India. It commenced its operations as a premium travel services provider with the sole aim of grabbing every possible slice of this highly fragmented market pie by incorporating any travel & lifestyle allied enterprises.

Comprehending the tastes and needs of travel industry & sensing the inefficiencies in the market, YourTravelSecretary introduced an array of travel services ranging from domestic restaurants in foreign destinations to holiday bookings, theatre to theme park tickets, to access to clubs, parties and social events in the most economical manner.

How It Is Different?

Being an unconventional travel planner, customization and personalization are the tools with which YourTravelSecretary is here to transform the manner the travel industry is seasoned.

YourTravelSecretary is armed with a zealous team of travel enthusiasts leading with an integrated knowledge-based approach to give a new shape to concierge travel services by presenting a blend of tailor-made and customized & personalized offerings in multiple divisions such as leisure, business travel and specialty tours.

Behind Scenes

The secret behind our continued growth and success is a happy and satisfied traveler. Our fervor about travel and highly professional business ethics are other driven forces that make our people to work in a happy and positive environment. It also helps us in establishing and maintaining healthy and well grounded relationships with our customers and industry partners.

These values and relationships put YourTravelSecretary, a trademark of Arohan Services Pvt. Ltd. in a unique proposition with consistent and outstanding upshots. Thus, the accumulation of exclusive offerings and the latest technology advancements make YourTravelSecretary an indispensable part of lives of numerous leisure travelers and corporations.

Road Ahead

Our objective is to equip the travel industry with novelty and buoyancy. As the world unveils the most beautiful destinations, YourTravelSecretary is at the vanguard with integrity, experience and knack of industry knowledge.

Leading the way in customized travel, YourTravelSecretary is on a voyage to explore more and to serve better with an unprecedented reach to travelers across the globe every day.