Account Management

YourTravelSecretary’s Account Managers understand that each client is different. We, at YourTravelSecretary, would serve you the best in identifying your travel needs aligned to your company goals, comprehend the suggestive solution and consult with you regarding the best travel service. We work hard to provide you the most cost efficient, suitable and easy to execute travel plan keeping in mind the travel needs and service expectations.


Budget & Planning

• Consulting you to comprehend you travel needs and align the same with our best services
• Executing and revisiting the the suggested travel program to sustain monitoring to avail efficiency
• Create a three year management strategy that includes a program roll-out plan, OBT implementation plan, customer service measures, and quarterly and annual business reviews.


Travel Policy

• Strategic understanding and implementation of your travel policy and reforming the same with changing industry needs
• Estimating the travel requirements and evaluating the alternatives to frame the best policy
• Create a communication and policy implementation strategy to ensure buy-in and compliance


Expense Control

• Cancellations- Taking care of bundled cancellations without potential loss and delays
• Maintaining Balance- Look into the company expenses and fund allotment and suggest the expenditures beforehand
• Cost effectiveness- overall management of fund to keep a track on cost effective aspect of managing your corporate account
• Ensure efficient reconciliation of expenses through implementation of tools

easy bookings

Booking Process

• Implement and support quick booking solution in combination with a full service, designated team for your company
• 24X7 Availing fastest and easiest travel booking options catering to all your travel plans
• Ensuring best expense management to avail smart and relevant booking suggestions to provide lifelong experience