Flights & Accommodation Planning

YourTravelSecretary understand the nuances of corporate travelling and the last minute changes that are critical to accommodate. Here is where we work the niche player where we do customize each link of your travel plan according to you. We believe in 100% service that is completed only after customer satisfaction of highest level.

We understand the importance of the prior planning and the difficulties in accommodating last minute tailoring in the plan. We keep in mind each unique client’s convenience and satisfaction criteria. We work on all the parameters of a travel booking to make sure the travel experience is worth taking again with us.

We work in a planned and stricter manner to align the customer need to our strategic planning based on all the data analysis and reporting done. We do understand the importance of budgeting and cost effectiveness; and we keep these in mind while delivering the quality services to our clients.

We play from client’s side and hence we make sure in each deal, client feels like a king. That brings up the fact that we negotiate hard from client’s side with the travel partner to bring on the table the best and most cost effective deals for accommodation and travelling.

Our data analysis and management team works closely with the pre- and post- trip data to elucidate the best options for the client. We keep time and money in near closure to make sure the final plan is efficient in terms of time and money as we know “client wants it cheaper and faster with quality and experience worth taking again”.