Packages & Leisure

In addition to our service levels, we place an equally high regard on our systems, ensuring that we may provide the latest in technology requirements for our clients’ benefit, in our International and Domestic divisions of operation.

Customised Itineraries

YourTravelSecretary understand customers and clients loved to be heard and want someone to just make their dream vacation possible. So here are we! We, dedicated bunch of travel experts, work 24*7 to turn your dreams of traveling into the reality of our customer quality services.

What we want: Tell us where you want to go.

What we will offer: What you asked for and even beyond that!


  • We make sure we listen to you properly and get the right picture of what you want
  • We have state-of-art analytics tea which will provide us with the best possible and suitable locations for your requirements
  • The data management and assessment would ensure the cost effectiveness in shortest time to come up with the best alternatives
  • We understand you as a unique client and hence make sure that our consultation would be in lines with your company’s culture


Typically saying, we would let you own your dreams before they turn into reality by us. You will be the constant beholder of the reins of our planning and finally we would offer you the most suitable, well above expectations and most desirable travel plans to you.


Inbound / Domestic Tours/ Overseas

We know how travel needs are unique to each of our clients and so is our service to you. We would be more than happy and excited to build a relationship of trust and security and dependency of yours on our services. We bring on the table the class apart experience, the valuable expertise and exquisite connections with travel partners to cater to all your needs.


We take into account client’s comfort, time management, and cost efficiency of the plan, relevance and importance and everything which is in your mind. We help you understand better the tours and get you the best hotel and travel deals. Taking a step ahead, we strive to deliver a plan which does not only build up on your requirements but also avails our firsthand experience of provide world class travel plans.