Custom Private Holidays

You Say It, We Make It

The customers who know their needs, customized trips do wonders for them. Well, YourTravelSecretary also does wonders for those who do not know their needs. How? We pose the right set of questions that direct us to know your interests and then customize it accordingly. Your one statement ‘We want to go on a trip’ is enough to make us roll our sleeves up and stuck in till you say- ‘We made it’.

Unification in Diversification

Every customer is different and it is our privilege to serve their diversified needs. Some travelers want to travel solo while others want to travel privately. Few are adventure junkies while others seek the smooth ways. Some like to reach the peak of mountains while others want to touch the depth of sea. Some are adaptable while others are allergic. However, the binding factor between various travel bugs is to explore a place more than usual sightseeing. We have testified every kind of travel bugs and we are good at it because we feel the same bugs in us.

We remain in constant touch with you to understand your tastes, needs and desires closely and then satiate your travel bugs with a highly personalized and unique holiday experience. We are the travel partners for solo travelers, couples, families and corporate groups as well.

The Buggers Spot

We truly understand how itchy it becomes when a travel bug gets activated. And there is no certainty when it gets active. YourTravelSecretary is the ointment for this itchiness and is available at your call. Be it a last minute request or a tailored holiday plan, we are always at your service. You just make a list whatever you want. Private flights- done, food and beverage-done, religious tour- done, sports & motoring- done, you just name it and we arrange it. Every minutest detail from choosing the brand and color of the car to the epoch dish on your dinner table is considered to make every tour a lifetime experience for you.

Any time your mood changes during trip plan or its execution, just let us know and rest will be on us. We do not stop working until your travel bugs reach the highest level of satisfaction.