Payment Policies

Booking Confirmation

Your booking will not be confirmed until and unless the payment is received by YourTravelSecretary and booking status confirmed via email.

Timely Deposit

Reservation will stand as cancelled automatically without any notification if the payment is not made by due date communicated by email.


In case of price hikes like entrance fees for monuments, museums, heritage sites, fuel, taxes after the finalization of tour, the same amount will be charged extra.

Booking Cancellation

Cancellation request of any booking is to be made 15 days prior to date of your travel and is subject to viability as well as applicable policies and terms & conditions of third party supplier like airlines, hotels etc.


Once the reservation is cancelled as per the booking cancellation norm, only refundable amount will be paid to you while non-refundable amount will be reserved with us. We request you to get all details via email before making payment for any booking.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees will be applied to any additional services like extra accommodations, independent services and optional excursions depending on case to case.

Penalties for Cancellation

Penalties for cancellation will be quoted at the instance of cancellation.